calendar 1967

The Telephone Equipment Factory (ZTA) - Bansko was founded in 1967 for the production of telephone communication equipment and was part of the state owned Incoms Telecom group of companies. 

Initially the factory produced several different types of telecommunication equipment – relay telephone exchanges, various sub-assemblies for town and city telephone exchanges, automatic office telephone exchanges and some additional related products.

calendar 1991

Later during the 1990’s, because of the changes in the market environment throughout the whole of Eastern Europe, ZTA started to look for a place within this newly emerging market. As a result we began the production of different types of metalwork and electronic products. 

calendar 1998

In 1998 ZTA became a supplier to the UK division of a US company Litton Marine Systems (later acquired by Northrop Grumman Corporation and re-named Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine) who are leaders in the provision of Navigation Solutions for both the commercial and defence maritime industry worldwide. Over the years we have steadily increased our business with them and to this day we remain one of their key supply chain partners.

From this partnership ZTA has gained significant experience that has enabled us to continuously improve and successfully implement the production and testing of various high quality electromechanical products.

calendar 2003

In 2003 Incoms Telecom was privatized and ZTA became part of AGP Group. A process of reorganization followed in order to maximize the economic and production performance of our factory.

calendar 2006

At the beginning of 2006 ZTA merged with the Low Current Relay Factory - Banya, resulting in a further expansion of the technological capabilities of our production facility in Bansko.

Capabilities and Services offered

  • Sheet Metalwork – including fabricated parts and individual components manufactured from sheet metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous metals) by cutting, punching, laser cutting, bending and welding.

  • Surface Treatment - including painting, powder coating, electroplating (zinc, silver and tin), oxidation and passivation. Anti-corrosion coatings suitable for marine environment.

  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly - including Surface Mount (SM) and Thru-hole technology, Wave, Reflow and manual soldering, conformal coating. Automatic, component level and functional testing.

  • Electromechanical Assembly and Test – including manufacture of Electronic Ancillaries, Control Units and Cable Looms. Manual and automatic unit testing, environmental testing and full functional testing.

  • Packaging - including packaging design, cardboard boxes/cartons and internal cushioning from "Statosel" (PE).