“Manual PCB Assembly” Area

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Thru-hole technology PCB and PSU assembly is done manually. This area contains contemporary technological equipment, including Wave Soldering machines. We also use manual soldering for special assemblies when required.
Equipped with:
Two Wave Solder Machines, "Hollis" (see picture) and "Steckfuss" - for soldering of circuit boards with a maximum width of 350 mm.
The temperature profile of the soldering machines is monitored by a “SEF-Robolez” Temperature Measurement Profiler 570.77.
ESSD protection

“Surface Mount (SMD) PCB Assembly” Area

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ZTA has an automatic line for assembling printed circuit boards.
Maximum size of the boards 610 x 350 mm.
Enclosures from 0.6 x 0.3 mm to 16 x 14 mm; from 0.4 x 0.2 mm to 150 x 100 mm

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IVAS Tech PLM2000 Pick and Place machine
Maximum working area 320 x 570mm.
Maximum size of the board 500 x 500mm
PCB thickness from 0, 8 to 6 mm.
Maximum height of components, 15 mm.
Maximum total weight of 1 kg.
Quick & precise placement of components from type 0201 to 20 x 20 mm.
Placement head contains a precision digital CMOS camera for component and orientation recognition.
Supplementary upward looking camera allows placement of IC’s up to 40 x 40mm.
IC step min. 0.3 mm.
210 positions for 8 mm tape feeders.

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SMEMA compatible Conveyor
Used for Connecting Pick & Place machine to Reflow Oven. 1000mm in length and equipped with optical inspection devices for visual inspection.

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IVAS Tech BTO-62 Full Convection Reflow Oven
Maximum dimension of PCB 300 x 300 mm.
6 upper heating zones with forced air convection and 6 lower heating zones.
Microprocessor control over temperature with LCD display.
Storage of 16 groups of temperature parameters.
Additional 2 ports for temperature testing.
Software for temperature control and analysis.

“Cable Assembly” Area

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Various bench mounted tools for crimping/pressing terminals and connectors.
Various hand tools for cutting, stripping, soldering and crimping.
Specific equipment for cable testing (continuity) and for testing crimp intergrity.

“PCB and PSU Test” Area

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This area is equipped with both proprietary items of test equipment as well as separate test stations designed for automatic and semi-automatic testing of PCB’s and PSU’s. Specialized Test Equipment (supplied by the customer) for Functional and System Testing of finished units.
Walk-in Temperature Chamber (6.6m x 2.6m x 2.7) capable of testing units between -40˚C to 80˚C.. Also, there is a Thermal Chamber available for running PSU’s under load for a specific period of time at elevated temperature.

“Electromechanical Assembly, Test and Packaging” Area

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This workshop specializes in the assembly of electromechanical units which are functionally and system tested to ensure complete compliance with our customer’s requirements.
Equipped with:
Various bench mounted tools and hand tools for mechanical assembly.
This area is responsible for ensuring all goods shipped are correctly packaged and protected in accordance with our customers wishes. This includes packaging design of cardboard boxes/cartons, wooden cases and internal cushioning from "Statosel" (PE).