MOTOMAN AR2010 max

ZTA bouth new welding 6-axis robot

May 4, 2020 11 by Пламен Балев


The 6-axis robot MOTOMAN AR2010 of our AR-series, thanks to its high path accuracy, is an optimal robot for arc welding applications.

With a payload of up to 12 kg and a wide working range of 2010 mm this robot supports welding of bulky workpieces.

Controlled Axes 6
Payload 12 kg
Max Working Range 2010 mm
Repeatability 0.08 mm
Weight 260 kg
Power Supply 2 KVA
S Axis 210 º/sec
L Axis 210 º/sec
U Axis 220 º/sec
R Axis 435 º/sec
B Axis 435 º/sec
T Axis 700 º/sec